Craziest One-Night Stay Reports

These wild Morning-After tales could just be The Funniest Thing Ever

Let’s be truthful: One-night stands tend to be weird. You are using a whole stranger and exposing them to the absolute most intimate parts of yourself. Then you certainly probably never see all of them once more. Creates complete sense, correct?

However, many different factors need to be considered — liquor, whether you are on vacation, whether you’re feeling down and need an arbitrary hookup, finding some body way-out of one’s group hitting on you, or simply just common logic-overthrowing horniness. 

However the final result is almost always this: You get up near to a stranger. And awkwardness develops. 

That’s why Redditors jumped on this concern: Reddit, what exactly is the worst experience of awakening after a one night stand?

The answers are pretty wonderful. 







Alas, all wasn’t really and after couple of hours of knocking on doors the guy realized he previously entirely disregarded where she existed.

He returned the place to find me and our stinking apartment in which he prepared morning meal for us both with a heavy center therefore the bluest of testicle.

*Update – i recently recalled another perspective for this story – the guy phoned me while he was walking into the shop and informed me he cannot keep in mind whether her name was, state often, ‘Emma’ or ‘Anna’, then phoned me personally again in a panic a while later on whilst in search of the woman residence inquiring what two names he would said she can be called having forgotten each of those too. — chris1300


















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